You will need to have an introduction with a proper thesis statement, a backgrou

Posted: July 26th, 2022

You will need to have an introduction with a proper thesis statement, a background paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Thesis Statement(End of Introduction.)
Thesis pattern: [Biblical passage] demonstrates/reveals/illustrates [BIG IMPRESSION] through the following events/characters (choose one): 1, 2, and 3 (roadmap).
My thesis here => (it can be changed but kindness is the main idea !!!! )
Genesis 6 reveals Kindness through the following events: God will redeem the sinful earth by a flood, Even though God is prepared to destroy all species, he has left the hope of reproduction for every animal, and even before the flood, God instructed Noah to prepare enough food to survive through the disaster.
3 body paragraphs have to follow the pattern!!!!!!!!
Body Paragraph Pattern
State what the paragraph will discuss with a Big impression (Thesis Keyword) and Paragraph Key word (character/event) from the roadmap.
Trans. (In more detail, More specifically, In other words)
Explain the assertion in more detail, focusing on the Paragraph Key word in one sentence.
e.g.(this is what I’m wrote you can change but the kindness is the main idea )
In more detail, at that time mankind living on the great roads of the earth was sinful at heart, and the people of the world at that time were full of atrocities. God, therefore, prepared a flood to eradicate sin and recreate the world.
Trans. (In the book of […] /In the passage/text, context “quote”)
Provide a “quote” of the text that includes words that are meaningful to the big impression. (Citation needed).
Discussion 1:
Trans. (Clearly; This indicates that; It is clear that; In other words)
Explain how the quotation is meaningful focusing on keywords from the text and explain how the words are connected to the assertion and big impression (Thesis keyword).
Evidence 2:
In addition,/Moreover, in the book of […], context “quote”
Provide another “quote” that explains your big impression. The evidence should be from the same bible story, not from other stories (Citation needed).
Discussion 2:
Transition word/phrase (Clearly, This suggests/reveals/means/highlights that, For this reason, With this in mind,)
Explain how the quotation/evidence connects with your big impression (Thesis Key word) highlighting some key words from the text and explain how it proves the assertion.
Trans. (Therefore/Thus/Hence)
Using Big impression (Thesis Key word) and the same Paragraph Key word (character/event) from the roadmap, summarize how the paragraph proved the assertion/thesis in one sentence.

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