Writing Psychology research paper

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Hypothesis Statement Due: 9/27
Research Project Due: 10/20
It is important to note that there will be no extensions for this assignment, so please do not put off doing the assignment until the final hours. It is your responsibility to let me know what questions you may have.  If I do not hear from you, I will assume that all is fine.
The research review project is designed to expose students to research methodologies within the field of psychology. Your hypothesis must be related to the field of psychology! Below is a template you can use to build your project.  You do not have to fill this in, but make sure all of the components identified below are included in your research project.
Part A: Your Hypothesis – This section is due on 9/27 and needs to be also included in your final submission on 10/20.
Write your Research question. What are you curious about? Let’s say I am curious about the relationship between childhood obesity and sugary drinks. I would write my research question as follows: Is childhood obesity related to the amount of sugary drinks consumed daily?
Now, write your research questions by filling in the variables you are interested in.
Is __________________________related to ____________________?
Write your Hypothesis. A hypothesis is an idea or explanation that can then be tested through study and experimentation. I might write my hypothesis as: If sugary drinks consumed daily increases, then childhood obesity increases.
Now, what do you think will happen with the variables you identified above? Write in your variables and circle increases, decreases, or stay the same to express what you predict.
If __________________ [increases/decreases], then __________________ [increases/decreases/stays the same].
Identify the variables being studied. The first variable in the hypothesis statements in

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