world music album review

Posted: January 20th, 2023

For this assignment you should analyze and critique an entire album in detail.
Your paper should be 2 pages, and have at least 4 sources with links or citations.
For citation format you can use MLA style or (Smith, 54) or (Smith, web) and then add a list of sources at the end of your paper
Some of these examples below that you can choose from are live concerts, and that’s OK, to use as a starting point…just follow the breadcrumbs to their album.
The album should be world music, not western pop or rock, like the Beatles or Taylor Swift. “Taylor Swift Live in Tokyo” is also not world music.
You can do a group from a foreign country that uses pop music, but use good judgement. Led Zeppelin doesn’t count as world music because they’re from England. You can do a Hip Hop project, but it should be more international than western.
This shouldn’t be just an opinion paper, but rather a deeper look at each song, as it exists in the entire work. What is happening in the music and lyrics? How is the music constructed with instruments?
You should research the background, influences, biographical, or structural components that lead to this album. Additionally, how was this album received by the critics and public?
You can also review or compare this album to other albums if you feel like you’re a little short on material.
This should be submitted as a pdf, or direct text entry in Canvas.
Warning: To me, writing directly in canvas is often a bad habit that creates a “stream of consciousness,” rather than a research presentation. My advice is to write your paper first and then copy/paste it into canvas or submit a pdf. It’s better to get your written ideas together for a paper than to try and bulldoze it in Canvas.
Make sure your links work
Your album choice should have global music beyond pop as a a major influence. Ricky Martin would be a bad choice. Paul Simon would be a bad choice, except for Paul Simon’s live album in Central Park where he used an African drum ensemble. (see below)

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