Tissue Transglutaminase Selectively Modifies

Posted: September 17th, 2022

1. Read aTissue transglutaminase selectively modifies gliadin peptides that are recognized by gut-derived T cells in celiac diseaseby Molberget al. found on Blackboard.
2. Answer the following questions:
1. What is the hypothesis of the paper?
2. Is this a correlative or causative study? Justify
3. How do the authors support their hypothesis?
4. Do you believe the authors data presented in the paper (and any supplements) support their hypothesis. If not, why not?
5. Are there other experiments or experimental modification that should have been performed by the researchers?
6. Does the discussion carefully lay out an argument that supports the hypothesis? If not, what do you believe was missing?
7. Does the statistical analysis strengthen or weaken the conclusions of the paper.
8. What are the conclusions of the paper? Do you agree with the conclusions?
9. Does the author overstate their findings or perhaps not enough?
The answers should be answered through. All the answers should be answered in 3/4 to one page only.
The article is attached. It is only 4-5 page long article. Someone with science background would understand it better.

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