The Virtual Realms: An Augmented Reality Documentary

Posted: June 10th, 2024

  1. Brief Description of the Topic

I have chosen to write a paper on “The Virtual Realms: An Augmented Reality Documentary.” This issue examines how augmented reality (AR) has transformed how we view and interact with non-fiction stories and how it has affected documentary filming. By fusing virtual and real-world aspects, augmented reality gives the narrative a new level and makes information presentation immersive and engaging.

  1. Influence of the Social Science Lens

The social science perspective has altered my knowledge of this subject by focusing on the societal ramifications of augmented reality documentaries (Song et al., 2016). I may investigate how AR documentaries affect people’s perceptions of reality, cultural attitudes, and reality perception through the social science perspective. It enables me to investigate how viewers engage with and perceive the virtual components in these films, as well as the moral and psychological implications of utilising augmented reality in non-fiction storytelling.

  1. Expansion and Strengthening of Topic Analysis through Multiple Lenses

My topic analysis is enhanced and enlarged by merging the social science lens with other lenses, such as the historical, humanistic, scientific and practical sciences. The development of documentary filmmaking and the technology developments that resulted in the incorporation of augmented reality may be better understood via the historical perspective (López-Belmonte et al., 2023). Contextualising the impact of AR films in the larger media ecosystem requires an understanding of the historical background By focusing on the aesthetic and cultural components of AR documentaries, the humanities lens deepens the study (Song et al., 2016). It enables me to investigate the artistic choices made by filmmakers, the portrayal of other cultures and societal concerns, and the effect spectators’ emotions have on them. The humanities perspective can also explore philosophical issues by merging reality and virtuality in the narrative.

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