The Protective Bones Vertebrate Skeleton Lab Worksheet

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Vertebrate Skeleton Lab Worksheet
1. Write the names of the organs and the name of the protective bones that surround those organs:
2. Describe the bones associated with the fins.
3. Do you think these bones in the fins are good for supporting weight?
4. Does this specimen have a vertebral column?
5. Describe the structure of the fins of lobe- fin fishes in terms of function.
6. What is meant by a vestigial pelvic girdle?
7. What attaches to the pygostyle?
8. Which bones to the ribs attach to?
8. What does the orbit house?
Sclerotic Ring
10. What is the function of the sclerotic ring?
11. Which animals have one? Which do not?
12. What does this form?
13. What is the common name of the furcula?
14. Why is this bone important to flight?
15. What is the function of the keel?
16. What is the common name of the scapula?
Carpometacarpus and digits:
17. Which body part is the carpometacarpus and digits homologous to in humans?
18. What unique structure do the humerus, radius, ulna and carpometaqcarpus/digits form? (this is not
in the information on the website, but you know what this is!)
Pelvic girdle
19. What 3 bones make up the pelvic girdle?
20. Why must it be larger in flightless birds?
21. Which fused bones make up the tibiotarsus?
22. What is the patella commonly called?
23. What is its function?
24. What are the tarsal and metatarsal bones homologous to in humans?
25. What is the upper end of this bone commonly mistaken for?
Digits of the foot
26. Which bones are the digits of the foot homologous to in humans?
27. How many toes do birds have?
28. Which bone is the hallux homologous to in humans?
29. Why do you think the bones of bird are hollow? (Note, the answer isn’t in this interactive, but you can
figure it out.)
30. What structure do the caudal vertebrae form?
31. Which bone has bigger bumps and grooves?
32. Why do you think that is?
33. What bones make up the thoracic cage?
34. Our coccyx bones are analogous to what structure found in other animals?
35. Which organ is the most protected by bone in humans?
36. What are our upper limbs are adapted for?
37. What are our lower limbs are adapted for?

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