The Impact of Critical Analysis on Interactions and Understanding in Popular Culture

Posted: June 10th, 2024

In this meditation, we look at how critical analysis affects how we connect with others, particularly in the context of popular culture. We will analyse how our view would have changed if we had been utilising various lenses from general education by using the example of “The Virtual Realms: An Augmented Reality Documentary.” We will also look at how to apply critical thinking abilities to other facets of life and how this might improve interactions with individuals of varied backgrounds and cultural perspectives. We may have concentrated on the aesthetic components and cultural representations included in augmented reality films had we analysed “The Virtual Realms” via a humanities lens. On the other hand, the natural and applied sciences lens would have dug into the technical details of AR technology and its potential future applications. These perspectives would have improved our comprehension of the complex effects of AR documentaries on both creative expression and technology progress.

Critical thinking abilities go beyond popular culture and positively affect many facets of life. These abilities enable us to recognise and resolve problematic tendencies in interpersonal interactions by assisting in identifying underlying power dynamics (Jetten, 2020). The critical analysis enables us to go deeper into difficult topics like crime rates and explore underlying factors like racism and poverty in order to find lasting solutions (Renatovna & Renatovna, 2020). These abilities also direct us in our interests and pastimes, encouraging greater comprehension of the underlying social dynamics in each activity. We become more aware of the social environment around us through the critical analysis of popular culture, which enables us to have more educated dialogues with individuals from various vantage points and cultural backgrounds. For instance, knowing how other cultures are portrayed in augmented reality films enables us to approach discussions about these subjects tactfully and respectfully. This information encourages empathy and tolerance for diverse viewpoints, which results in more thoughtful and courteous relationships.


Jetten, J. (2020). Together apart: The psychology of COVID-19. Sage.

Renatovna, A. G., & Renatovna, A. S. (2020). Developing Critical Thinking On Elementary Class Pupils Is The Most Important Factor For Preparing Social Relationships. Jcr, 7(17), 438-448.

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