The growth versus economic welfare debate

Posted: October 1st, 2022

2 questions in this assignment, each one need to answer 1 page, total need to 2 pages, APA format need citation, sign each question number
1.The growth versus economic welfare debate is related to the dilemma of how to provide basic human needs without sacrificing growth. Policies to reduce income inequality are diverse: increase employment, improve education, redistribute assets, tax the wealthy, subsidize the poor, rural food for work programs. Which is the best? Please give your reasoning from your study and knowledge on this topic. Pl make sure you give proper citations their references as part of your credible responses. Also provide your comment to at least another posting from your fellow classmate posting by midweek after the due date.
2.Special Instructions:
Must comply with all the writing requirements, including APA guidelines for proper citation and references, provided in the beginning of the class. For example: Please provide proper citations and reference list are required as part of the academic honesty and integrity, as guided by APA writing style. You also need to post commentsto at least one person’s posting as part of your required response.
Select any two of the following 4 questions and post your brief but concise answers here. Also, please respond to at least one posting by another fellow student to complete your answer.
1. What are some of the differences between the population policies of China and India? What factors may have contributed to their success or failure?
Hints: Efforts in India, a functioningdemocracy (despite the authoritarian tendencies of Mrs. Gandhi in the 1970s), have meant that populationcontrol have come up against resistance. On the other hand, Chinas ability (inherent in its political system) to enforce birth control policies has meant it has been more successful. Ref:Todaroand Smith Text Ch. 6 and related articles
2. Indias population is expected to overtake that of China within the next decade. What differences between these two nations could have contributed to this outcome?
Hints: Similar to Q

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