The American Yawp Chapter 7 – The Early Republic

Posted: January 20th, 2023

The American Yawp
Chapter 7 – The Early Republic

Why did Gabriel’s Conspiracy fail?
Bad weather forced the conspirators to attack before they were ready
Two enslaved men revealed the plot to their masters
The conspirators were unable to acquire functioning firearms
Diversionary fires failed to ignite


All of the following are true about the Haitian Revolt (or Revolution) EXCEPT
Many slaveholding refugees brought their slaves to the United States
Free and enslaved black Americans used the Revolution as inspiration in their

freedom struggle

The Haitian Revolution terrified white slave owners
Napoleon’s support proved essential in the success of the Haitian Revolution


Thomas Jefferson, in Notes on the State of Virginia, argued for polygenesis. What is


The belief that environmental changes would lead to changes in race
The belief in a universal equality of all human nature
The belief that African descended peoples were created separately from European

descended peoples

The belief in the inevitability of race war and the extinction of weaker races


Which of the following most accurately describes the attitude of most of the founding

fathers as it relates to pure democracy?

Believed it was impossible
Believed it was dangerous
Believed it was inevitable
Believed it was God-given


Which of the following was a key goal for President Jefferson?
Stabilize the Bank of the United States
Increase foreign investment in U.S. treasury bonds
Eliminate seditious speech from newspapers
Reduce the size of the federal government


What is the term for the early American belief that women were essential in nurturing the

principles of liberty in the citizenry?

Cult of domesticity
Victorian morality
Republican motherhood
American feminism


Which of the following best describes Thomas Jefferson’s relationship with the American


He created a large expansive navy to defeat pirates
He expanded the army to defend against Indian attack
He used the military as a symbol of American patriotism
He distrusted the military and dramatically cut its budget and manpower


All of the following motivated Napoleon to sell the Louisiana territory EXCEPT
The French and American alliance against the Spanish
The pressures of war in Europe
The success of the Haitian Revolution
All of the above


Which of the following best describes Thomas Jefferson’s policy of peaceable coercion?
Using impressments to increase the size of the American navy
Attempt to use a trade embargo to force Europeans to respect American neutrality
Creating alliances with European powers to stop Napoleon
Attack on the Federalist Party from Republican newspapers


What is the “Play-off System”?
The ability of Native Americans to manipulate rivalries between European powers

for their own advantage

A pan-Indian resistance movement inspired by one prophet’s religious vision
A trading policy between Native Americans that exchanged weapons for furs
The practice of using metaphorical language in speeches


Tecumseh ultimately built alliances that stretched from Canada to Georgia, but from where

did he launch this movement?

New York


What proved to be the most effective unifying force for the many Indians who followed


Economic interest
Political ideology
Environmental change
All of the following were contributing causes of the War of 1812 EXCEPT
British policy of impressment
Success of the Embargo of 1807
American fears of Britain encouraging Indian uprisings
Political influence of the War Hawks


What was the primary purpose of the Hartford Convention?
Create foreign alliances that would assist the United States in the War of 1812
Gather leaders of the Federalist Party to propose changes to the U.S. Constitution
Determine how to stop Tecumseh and his allies
Propose an end to the expansion of slavery


What was the primary consequence of the War of 1812?
Boost in American nationalism
Addition of western territory
Collapse of the Bank of the United States
Defeat of the Republican Party
Did the United States draw more from the vision of Alexander Hamilton or ThomasJefferson?

What were the causes and consequences of the War of 1812?

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