Texas revolution Discussion Assignment

Posted: January 19th, 2023

STEP 2: Read the primary sources selected for this project (see Historical Methods Paper – Readings). It is always good to start a project by reading the primary sources first, so that you can begin to form your own opinions about the events discussed, rather than relying one someone else interpretation of those events. You will probably want to take notes over the readings.
STEP 3: Read the secondary sources selected for this project (see Historical Methods Paper – Readings). Think about how these sources help you to understand the primary documents that you read earlier. Again, you will probably want to take notes over the readings.
STEP 4: Write a three to four page paper that collectively addresses the questions asked in the prompt below. Your paper should follow the proper writing conventions for a formal essay and should include proper documentation of all sources (i.e., footnotes and bibliography).
The paper should consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion.
The introduction should contain a well-defined thesis that makes a clear and precise historical argument.
The body of the paper should include evidence that supports your thesis.
The conclusion should summarize your thesis and supporting evidence.
You should use both the primary and secondary sources to answer the questions posed.
All sources used in the paper should be cited in endnotes (not footnotes), and listed in a bibliography at the end of a paper.
All direct quotes will need a citation (endnote). With “direct quotes,” the endnote appears immediately after the quote.
All paraphrased infromation should have an endnote, but this can be placed at the end of the paragraph. If more than one sources is used to write the paragraph, you would include sources used in one endnote at the end of the paragraph.
Please note, the paper should not simply be a list of the questions with short answers following them. The paper should have a thesis that allows you to address the questions within the body of the paper. I am looking for original thought and analysis based on the sources provided in the assigned readings. The questions are merely meant to guide your thought process–not replace it.
STEP 5: Paper should be formatted to the following guidelines:
– double-spaced
– 12 pt. font
– Times New Roman
– use endnote (not parenthetical citations or footnotes–if you do not know the difference seethe information under “How to Cite Your Sources.”
– bibliography should be placed after note section.
– label note section and bibliography
Who were the Texas Revolutionaries?
What was Texas revolutionaries’ motivation for fighting against the Mexican government?
Did the Texans fighting at the Alamo reflect the general sentiments of the majority of the revolutionaries?
How did the events at the Alamo change the views and motives of the revolutionaries, who were stationed elsewhere during the rebellion (especially those who fought at the Battle of San Jacinto)?
How did Mexican soldiers and Tejanos (Mexican Texans) view the revolution?
The screenshots and the fall of the alamo pdf is the primary sources.
the other pdfs are secondary sources. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!! ONLY THE SOURCES HE HAS ASSIGNED.

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