Telecommunications And Networking DQ

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Q1. Please discuss the following question.
Most hackers start their careers breaking into computer systems as teenagers. What can we as a community of computer professionals do to reduce the temptation to become a hacker?
Note: 250 words with intext citations and references must.
Q2. Please read the below paragraph and write your opinion whether you agree or disagree. Provide any examples.
Turning teenager’s hackers around won’t be easy. There are steps people can help these teenagers make it right. Firstly, most teenagers are looking for stimulation as a hacker. Parents and friends should guide them to know they should not use their acquired skills to do the wrong thing. Secondly, these teenagers should be firmly told they are doing illegal and unethical things which could lead to their arrest. The record will go with them in the future which will ruin their careers. Thirdly, making sure these teenagers know you will monitor them for a while until you think they are good enough. Tell them you will take all the electronic devices from them, if you found they were done any illegal or unethical thing. Meanwhile, put their electronic devices to a public area (Grimes, 2016).
Note: 150 words with intext citations and references must.
Rubric for Research Paper

Outstanding – 20pts
Good  – 15pts
Fair – 10pts
Unacceptable – 5pts

Excellent section headings, indicative of a steady “flow” to the overall paper. Topics and subtopics clearly indicated.
Professional looking.
Good section headings, indicative to a steady “flow” to the overall paper. Topics clearly indicated, could use more subtopics.
Fair section headings, indicative that the paper has “flow”. Topics and subtopics not clearly indicated. Unclear organization of thoughts.
Disorganized appearance.
Relevant topics missing or incorrect, paper has no indicative “flow”.
Not professional.


Highly informative, complete and easy to understand. Appropriate vocabulary is used.
Abstract makes you want to read the paper.
Informative, complete and understandable. Appropriate vocabulary is used.
Somewhat informative and understandable.
Not very informative or understandable.

Thesis is clear, easy to find, and appropriate to the assignment.
Thesis is supported by the rest of the paper.
Paper contains a “roadmap” for the reader.
There is a logical “flow” to the topics/arguments. Conclusion follows clearly from the arguments presented.
Thesis is clear and appropriate.   Thesis fairly well supported.
Paper is fairly well organized.
Conclusion follows from the rest of the paper.
Thesis is fairly clear.
Inconsistent support for thesis. Paper weakly organized. Conclusion is acceptable.
Thesis unclear and/or inappropriate.
Thesis not supported.
Paper is not organized. Conclusion doesn’t follow from the rest of the paper.

The evidence comes from a wide variety of valid sources. The bibliography is complete and reflects appropriate sources.
The evidence comes from the minimum valid sources. The bibliography is complete.
Valid sources are inconsistently used.  The bibliography contains minor formatting errors.
Multiple sources cited  incorrectly.
Bibliography missing.

Arguments are pertinent to the topic.
Arguments are logical, supported with evidence. The key arguments have been made – no major points have been left out.
Arguments are
pertinent to the topic.   Arguments are fairly logical and reasonably supported.
Most key arguments have been made.
Arguments are not consistently pertinent, logical, or supported. Few key arguments have been made.
Arguments not pertinent. Arguments rarely, if at
all, logical and supported.
Almost no key arguments have been made.


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