Streptococcus Pyogenes Paper

Posted: September 17th, 2022

need a well put together Paper about the topic “Streptococcus pyogenes” This is a Microbiology report,
I have attached the outline to help stay organized and the grading rubric that we will be using.
A little bit of information:
Microorganism Profile
IntroductionThis project requires the ability to understand and apply scientific knowledge that you acquire both inside and outside the microbiology classroom. You will construct a comprehensive profile of a microorganism that you are assigned by the instructor. This microorganism is a pathogen that you may encounter in your nursing career. All written answers are expected to meet accepted standards for grammar, syntax, and punctuation and follow APA format. Proper microbiology terminology is also expected. The completed APA paper is to be submitted electronically via the Assignment Drop Box in Canvas. Total APA paper should be between 5 to 7 pages including a title and reference page.
The Big PictureAs you progress through this course, you will acquire information in a sequential, topic-specific manner. Each topic will include information that is relevant to this assignment. For example, the knowledge you gain from the lesson on bacterial cell morphology will be applied to the first paragraph topic, Cell Morphology and Growth Requirements. Your answers are expected to include information from sources that go beyond the textbook or classroom. Examples include peer-reviewed journal articles, interviews with clinicians who deal with microbes on a daily basis, personal experiences, and other reputable sources. You are expected to clearly understand the meaning of each topic before you construct your answer. For example, you are expected to know the meaning of epidemiology and to understand the topics that are connected to it. Dont forget to read and understand the rubric before you start. Refer to it often it will help guide you through the process.
Name of Microorganism: ________________________________________________________
1. Description of the Microorganism (week 1)Write a paragraph describing your organism. Please be sure to include the type of organism (bacterial, viral, fungal, protozoa, helminth, etc), morphology (shape, arrangement , colony morphology if applicable), description of structure (gram result, type of nucleic acid or virion structure, spore type, etc if applicable) and also the type of microscope and/or stain you would use to view the organism. Please use proper scientific terminology and good grammar and sentence structure throughout this project.
2. Virulence FactorsInclude a paragraph on the virulence factors the pathogen has and how they affect the host. Please enhance this with detailed explanations of the virulence factors and how they affect the host as you gain a better understanding of them throughout the semester.
3. Immunity

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