Posted: October 1st, 2022

Question 1
Why do we need to use samples when using spatial data?
How can we be sure that the samples we select are representative of the actual data as a whole?
How do selection methods differ between continuous and discrete data?
Provide and discuss an example of when proper sampling of spatial data could help a person, or an organization make a more informed decision.
Question 2
For the final project, you will be asked to use geostatistical techniques to analyze a meteorological problem. To do so, you must first develop a question that can be answered with these methods.
1. Determine what meteorological question you would like to answer. Refer to thedocument for details related to the specific weather available.
2. Select a state(s) and time frame from which to obtain data.
3. Within that state, use theto select 20-30 locations to serve as your observation locations.
4. Follow the instructions in thedocument to obtain your data from NOAA.

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