Social network assignment

Posted: October 1st, 2022

Write at least two paragraphs (at least 6 to 7 sentences per paragraph).
Substantial- thoughtful, original, relevant and contributes to the overall learning of the group.
Thought-provoking- stimulates thinking and reasoning.
Logical, concise and grammatically correct
Conveys your presence- reinforce your conclusions with real life and professional experiences.
This is what you should and should not do when taking pictures to wake up the artist in you.
Social networks are part of our life, as well as the documentation of the exhibitions that we visit are part of them, so, we do not say that taking photos of ourselves in front of a work is completely prohibited, but like everything in life, it has its time and space . Here are our tips.
Yes. First enjoy. All work was created to provoke a feeling, give yourself the opportunity to experience it before taking out your phone for the photo, finally making you reflect is the goal of art.
No. Don’t take the play itself. If you want to get creative and go out in front of a piece, go ahead, but a cell phone photo of the Monalisa behind glass won’t do you much good, it’s not even worth the space it will occupy on your phone, if you want the memory, take a postcard from the museum shop.
[5] Yes. Feel yourself an artist. Some contemporary expos are created with the aim that you take photos in them and incidentally the promotions, these are in the style of Yayoi Kusama, so reflective and sparkling that you cannot resist posing, in this case, give flight to your imagination and take your best angle. In fact, in New York the slogan was used, Is Koons great for selfies? to motivate young people to know their works. It is a new way to engage the viewer.
No. Do not use selfie sticks.1 Inevitably they invade the space of another person who may be having a moment of catharsis2 and disturb the vision of everyone around, therefore, they are prohibited in almost all museums, it is a big no.
Yes. Respect the artist’s work. This is obvious, but not touching, not using flash and not damaging in any way a work (neither physically nor intellectually) in order to have a perfect selfie, is a golden rule.
No. Don’t spend too much time editing. The best art-selfies come from a lightning moment of inspiration, do not stay 10 minutes in front of a piece because, concentrated on your work, it is easy to forget that you are surely blocking other people. If you want to give your shot a second chance, let people admire the work and then come back.
Yes. Know what you are photographing. A reflective surface is nice, but your selfie will have more meaning for you if you really know what the author’s purpose was in creating the work you take. Have a context that allows you to remember it for what it represents and not just because it gave you a cool photo.
According to the text, the art-selfie should be a reflective act. Do you agree with this statement? Why?
What is more important, show an experience or live it through art? Use details from the text to argue your answer.
The text reveals the obsession with taking selfies of some people. What do you think of this practice? Is it okay to photograph yourself with everything?
What are the drawbacks of this practice? Use details from the text and from your experience to build your answer.Paso 3
After completing Paso 1 and Paso 2, then you are going to create anarrated video or power point. The video should be 5 minutes long.
Include the following:
narrate the information provided in the written essay
relevant pictures to support yourpresentation
data with charts with interesting facts/relevant information about the cities demographics, statistics, etc. (But DO NOT simply ‘Copy

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