SOC480 Research Proposal Paper Outline

Posted: May 7th, 2022

SOC480 Research Proposal Paper Outline
Assignment Directions:
Use this outline below to assist you in writing the Research Paper assignment in APA format:
a) Brief general description of program/project
b) Explain your reasoning for this program/project type.
2) INTRODUCTION- Social Issue Analysis
a) Provide an accurate description of the selected social issue.
3) BODY-
a) Statement of the social issue
b) Identify gap in literature
c) Propose a possibleevidence-based strategy, program, or project
d) Research question and hypothesis
e) Strategy, program, or project rationale- Why is your project/program proposal needed?
f) Significance for social work practice:
g) Cultural/Societal impact
h) Christian Worldview
i) Literature Review-
i) Explain the results of the existing research collected.
ii) Describe any gaps in research.
iii) Detail how your program/project will fill those gaps.
j) Summary-
i) Summarize existing theories, strategies, agencies, programs, and projects
ii) Summarize how your program/project fills gaps and meets community needs
k) Cross sections of variables
l) Methods-
i) Description of research methods for potential program/project:
(1) Research designs-
(2) Describe selected method.
ii) Explain the method: meta-analysis, action research, single-subject, etc.
(1) Variables and measures
(2) Explain potential variables
iii) Explain possible measuring strategies
iv) Describe data collection procedures used in existing programs
(1) Data analysis strategies used in existing programs
(2) Proposed data collection procedures for this proposal
(3) Proposed data analysis strategies for this proposal
a) Findings-
i) Review of existing research findings
ii) Analyze existing data about strategies, programs, or projects that address your selected social issue.
iii) Present connections between existing research questions and what works, or meets the needs of your selected population/community, and what gaps remain.
iv) Explain whether or not any patterns were found.
b) Discussion-
i) Describe the possible limitations of your community program/project. Explain how you will prepare for and address possible limitations of your program/project.
ii) Explain how your program/project can be an advocacy for social work. Provide a summary about your program/project, goals, and how your program/project will alleviate the social issue affecting the target population/client in your community.
iii) Provide a brief overview of major findings
iv) Discussion of direct practice (social work) and or policy/implications
v) Recommendations for future research directions.
vi) Recommendations for policy/practice.

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