Slime Molds Reproduce assignment paper

Posted: September 17th, 2022

Diversity of Life (BIO 242):
1. Slime molds reproduceA) asexually.B) both asexually and sexually.C) by budding.D) using binary fission.E) vegetatively.
2. An organism that obtains its energy from chemicals is aA) autotrophB) chemotrophC) heterotrophyD) phototrophE) autotroph and chemotroph
3. The Irish potato famine was caused by an organism that belongs to which group?A) ciliatesB) diatomsC) dinoflagellatesD) oomycetesE) prokaryotes
4. Which of the following is true of the Pterophytes?
A) Includes the ferns and are seedless plants.B) They have flagellated sperm but no roots.C) They have roots, a sporophyte-dominant life cycle, and the sporophyte is dependent on the gametophyte.D) They have vascular tissues and seeds.E) They possess fronds, rhizomes, and seeds.
5. Not present in all bacteria, this cell covering enables cells that possess it to resist the defenses of host organismsA) cell wallB) capsuleC) endosporeD) flagellumE) sex pilus
6. Which of these would, if acted upon a gene, prevent this gene from acting as a reliable molecular clock?A) Genetic driftB) Most substitutions involving the third codon positionC) Mutations within intronsD) Natural selectionE) Neutral mutations
7. Which of the following is composed almost entirely of peptidoglycan in a gram-positive prokaryotic cell?A) Cell wallB) CuticleC) EndosporeD) FlagellumE) Sex pilus
8. Which of the following traits do archaeans and bacteria share?A) Composition of the cell wallB) Composition of the cell wall and lack of a nuclear envelopeC) Identical rRNA sequences and presence of membrane-bound organellesD) Lack of a nuclear envelope and lack of membrane-bound organellesE) Presence of a nuclear envelope
9. The legless condition of all snakes and some lizards is the result ofA) Individual Lizards adapting to a fossorial (living in underground burrows) lifestyle.B) Lizards are more evolutionarily advanced than snakes, but some have not grown legs yet.C) Several instances of the legless condition arising independently of each other.D) Their common ancestor was legless.
10. An organism is collected from the ocean. It has differentiated organs, cell walls of cellulose, and chloroplasts. The organism could be a brown, red, or green algae, a charophyte washed into the ocean from a freshwater source or a land plant washed into the ocean. The presence of which of the following features would definitively identify the organism as a land plant?A) Alternation of generationsB) EmbryosC) Flagellated spermD) Rosette cellulose-synthesizing complexesE) Sporopollenin11. The four chambered heart of birds and the four-chambered heart of mammals evolved independently of each other. The basal ancestor of the mammals is usually referred to as the mammal-like reptiles. Birds are much more recent evolutionarily and the crocodilians are the living sister group to birds. Birds are a branch of the dinosaurs. The closest common ancestor of mammals and birds may be turtles (three-chambered heart). If one were unaware of the independent evolutionary relationship between mammal and bird hearts, then one might logically conclude that:A) birds and mammals are more distantly related than is actually the caseB) birds and mammals should be placed in the same familyC) early mammals possessed feathersD) the birds were the first to evolve the four-chambered heartE) the common ancestor of birds and mammals had a four-chambered heart
12. The common ancestors of birds and mammals were very early reptiles, which possessed three-chambered hearts. (See question 11.) Birds and mammals are alike in having four-chambered hearts. The four-chambered heart of birds and mammals is best described asA) homoplasy (similarity in taxon of different ancestry which is the result of convergent evolution)B) structural homology

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