Selective processes and Reception Studies

Posted: January 19th, 2023

A exercise summarizing and analyzing the All in the Family clip and the article, “Archie Bunker’s Bigotry: A Study in Selective Perception and Exposure.”View the clip of Norman Lear’s situation comedy, All in the Family (above). The episode name is “Sammy’s Visit” if you would prefer to find it on YouTube or other site.
Define the terms preferred (also known as dominant) reading and oppositional reading.
What was the preferred or dominant “reading” of the character of Archie Bunker in All in the Family?
What does the article say about an “oppositional reading” regarding Archie’s views about race?
What did you think about Archie Bunker’s attitude toward race when you viewed the clip and/or from other exposure to All in the Family?
How does the article use the theories of Selective Perception and Exposure to explain different audience interpretations of Archie Bunker?
How do you think audiences came to such a different perception of the character Archie Bunker than what was originally intended by creator Norman Lear?
Describe “reception studies”? How does reception studies contribute to understanding these various interpretations?
There are many sitcoms currently being aired that address various social issues. Hypothetically, how would you use reception studies to analyze or understand the various interpretations of one of these shows? Is there a better theory to understand the various interpretations? Be sure and name the show or shows you use as examples (and where to find them).
Do you think comedy is an appropriate manner in which to address social issues? Why or why not?
Although this is an exercise and not a paper, attribute, use quote marks and attribute quoted and paraphrased content and include a Works Cited page properly formatted in MLA style. If you do not know how to cite a show, make a good attempt using the OWL at Purdue website for the medium chosen.
You may number the questions if you wish and answer them in order or you may write a narrative which answers the questions, not necessarily in order presented. It is up to you, but please do answer all the questions. There is no page length for the entire exercise but each question should have proper attention. (usually this paper ends up being around 4-5 pages).

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