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Posted: October 1st, 2022

View the case study presentation (you can download the PowerPoint file attached above).
Create a Business Plan* with your recommendations on the University using Cloud Services. Your report should include the following areas:
Summary of the case
A list of business requirements that potentially can benefit from available cloud services. This is based on the information from the case study. There should be a brief explanation for each item on the list.
A list of administrative processes that have the potential to be moved to a cloud service provider. The administrative side includes many processes similar to most organizations. Heres a couple of questions to get you started:
oWhat are the different departments identified?
oDo any need specialized software?
oDo they each need a separate data store?
oYour recommendations
Fully explain your answer and provide specific examples for each.
Your Business Plan will be a Word or PDF file 1100-1300 words in total.
[Note1: This is an individual assignment. Please ignore the case study where it refers to a group assignment.]
[Note2: If you don’t know how to write aor know the format for one, you should research the term on the Internet.]
See slide 5 in the attached PowerPoint presentation.

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