Public Health Policy Paper

Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Submit: First Draft of Public Health Policy Paper
The Public Health Policy Paper is designed to engage the student to identify political influences and health policy development opportunities in health care focused policy and regulatory environments. Additionally, one will explore and familiarize themselves with research techniques and information sources for local public health issues. Finally, the student will become competent in advocacy principles for local health issues by comparing various arguments related to the chosen topic.
A rough draft worth 5% of the course grade and a final draft worth 15% of the course grade will be submitted. Each draft will be scored by the Written Assignment Rubric.
Identify a current public health issue in NJ state or county to follow throughout the semester. Topic to be approved by your professor.
Research the issue in professional sources.
At least two evidence-based research articles
At least two current event articles (at least 5)
Summarize the research.
Evaluate the pros and cons of each side of the issue
The paper should be 4-7 pages double spaced. Include citations for sources
The assignment is graded according to the included rubric
Submit the rough draft. It is worth 5% of the assignment grade.
The instructor will submit feedback to the student within 1 week
Revise the paper based on the instructor feedback
5 Points
3 Points
1 Point
0 Points
Adherence to Assignment Guidelines
Guideline is fully addressed. Detail includes all desired information.
Guideline is partially addressed. Missing some details essential to the guideline.
Guideline is addressed to some degree but lacking significant detail.
Minimal adherence to guideline.
Developmentand Analysis
Development and analysis of topic are outstanding, very focused and well-articulated.
Development of topic is good, focused, and articulated. Decent reasoning, explanations, and analysis.
Development of topic is adequate but not always focused.  Some inaccuracies or flaws in reasoning and/or analysis.
Development of topic is too general and loses focus.
Unclear reasoning, explanations, or analysis.
Includes strong introductory and concluding paragraphs.  Introduction clearly states thesis and conclusion further supports the topic.
Includes introductory and concluding paragraphs.  Thesis is unclearly stated and/or conclusion lacks connection to the topic.
Missing either introductory or concluding paragraph.
Introductory and concluding paragraphs are unrelated, or not included.
Writing Style and Mechanics
No errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling.
Consistent command
of Standard American English.
1 à 3 errors in  grammar and spelling
Weaknesses in command of Standard American English.
4 à 6 errors in grammar and spelling
Inadequate grasp of Standard American English
More than 6 errors in grammar and spelling
No grasp of Standard American English
No errors in APA formatting
1 à 3 errors in APA formatting
4 à6 errors in APA formatting
More than 6 errors in APA formatting

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