Psychology of learning essay

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Please read the following and answer the questions down below in paragraphs, i will attach the reference paper in files.
Consider the following scenario of Little Diane:
In the spring of my 4th grade year, my teacher decided to assign everyone in the class to groups (according to the rows in which our assigned desks were placed) and to hold a contest for the group that would receive the most points. She gave points for EVERYTHING: for everyone in the row turning in homework, everyone in the row being quiet during dismissal to recess, everyone in the row attending daily Mass (church service), as well as for the row that received the highest average on quizzes, spelling bees, and tests. The reward was a trip to a movie theater with her for the 6-8 students sitting in the winning row.
I had been doing very well in class individually but now I was in charge of my row, and I could not win unless we all did well. The teacher had assigned to my row the student (I don’t remember her name—let’s call her Colette) who was the “least-likely-to-succeed,” a student who had repeated fourth grade twice before and who, up until then, was often sent to the hall for disruptive behavior. I must say I had not paid much attention to this girl because I had been oblivious to anyone in the class except the 3 or 4 students who competed with me for the position of Rank

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