Pros And Cons Of The Prison System

Posted: March 29th, 2022

To reform prison systems in the United States certain inmates of non violent offense should be treated as a regular citizen with certain restrictions. Open prison does sound like the system America needs. Prisoners need more productivity and normalization to be able to transition back into society.  
   As we know the United States is the leading country for incarceration rates on the international scale. In the United States Americans believe justice is served through retribution and “harsh” prison sentencing. In addition with a fueled belief that incapacitation and punitive sanctions can provide public safety. Which unfortunately mass incarceration did not provide better results or safer returns. In fact, based off recidivism rates can show a country’s performance in regards to prison system performances. In United States our recidivism rate is still hovering over a 40 percentile for the last 20 years.
     Four out of 10 adults return to prison after 3 years, this displays poor results in the United States prison system. But these are the reasons as to why our corrections facilities are costing the American taxpayers money. Since retribution is what Americans believe in, why not look for other alternatives into keeping recidivism rates down, possibly reducing incarceration rates. United States needs to seek better alternatives for sentencing and correction strategies to provide better public safety along with a much improved performance in correctional facilities.
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