Project 3:Technology Explorer Presentation

Posted: January 20th, 2023

I. Title: Technology Explorer Presentation
II. Introduction:
Congratulations! Your presentation was a big success! Your boss AND colleagues were very impressed. In fact, based on your presentation, your boss (professor) is eager to learn more about your topic and has requested that you research the topic further and provide a written report addressing the analytical mindset and influences on the analytical mindset. He has included his expectations below.
He reminds you that an analytics mindset is the ability to:
• Ask the right questions
• Extract, transform and load relevant data
• Apply appropriate data analytics techniques
• Interpret and share the results with stakeholders
Furthermore, understanding the current and future technology can influence every aspect of an analytics mindset by:
• Changing the questions you ask,
• altering how you work with data,
• requiring you to apply different or new data analytics techniques and
• influencing how you share your results with stakeholders.
You are pleased that your boss liked your presentation. Big win! You also enjoyed learning about your topic so researching it further will be fun.
III. Steps to Completion:
Step 1: Augment your research from Project 2
Step 2: Draft your written report
Your boss has requested that you provide a written report from your augmented research from project 2.

• Analytical Mindset: The addition to this part of the case is addressing the analytical mindset and influences of the analytical mindset.
• Written report: You will prepare a maximum seven-page report on your topic. The report, similar to the presentation, should be a brief summary of the topic and explain how the topic affects or could affect business and accounting. Meaningful graphics are encouraged.
• APA Style: The report should be in proper APA 6th style with appropriate heading and references. The report must be a maximum of 7 pages in length (plus a cover page and references), with double spacing and one-inch margins. APA style guidelines should be utilized for the entire paper.
• Headings: Be sure to include appropriate headings to address all components of the report. At a minimum, you should have Topic Summary, Business Implications, and Accounting implication specifically addressing cybersecurity concerns, forensic or fraud accounting.
As requested, you submit your report to your boss for review.
IV. Deliverables
• 7-page maximum report in APA style
V. Hints and Tips:
• Start this project early in the semester. • Search the UMGC library for scholarly sources on your chosen topic • Review and refresh your memory of APA style formatting. • Prepare a draft version at least 3 weeks before it is due. • Ask a classmate, friend, or family member to read your report before submitting it
to the Graduate Writing Center. • Submit your draft to the Graduate Writing Tutors at least 2 weeks before it is due.
FREE Graduate Writing Tutors can be accessed in your LEO classroom. • Make edits to your report after reviewing feedback from the writing center tutors. • Ask your boss (professor) questions as needed. • Submit the report on or before its due date.
VI. Rubric:
The rubric can be found in LEO under Course Resource>Classroom Deliverables>Project 3
Credit: Adopted from EY ARC Tech Explorer Case.

Appendix A: Potential Topic List
Your boss instructed that you may select from the following topics: See Appendix B for additional resources for these topics.
• American Institute of Certified Public Accountants data standards • Artificial intelligence (software of robots) • Augmented reality and virtual reality • Big data ethics (including data privacy) • Big data storage (e.g., data lakes) • Blockchain (internet of value) and cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) • Cloud computing, including infrastructure as a service (IAAS), software as a
service (SAAS) and platform as a service (PAAS) • Cognitive computing • Continuous auditing and monitoring • Cybersecurity • Dark data and dark analytics • Drones • Internet of Things (IOT), Internet of People and sensors • Machine learning • Natural language generation • Natural language processing, natural language generation, text analytics and
sentiment analysis, chat apps (conversational bots and virtual agents) • Neural networks, deep neural networks and deep learning • Robotic process automation (RPA), automation, and man and machine • Speech recognition
If there is another emerging technology that you believe would be appropriate, please let your boss (professor) know.

Appendix B: Additional Resources
Topic resources
Your boss instructs that you may research the topic on your own. However, he provided a list of resources below that might help you.
AICPA data standards dards.aspx
Artificial intelligence: “AI: welcome to the machines” machines?utm_source=Weekly Chronicle

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