Probability Distributions for Continuous Random Variables

Posted: October 1st, 2022

PSY 315 Week 3 Discussion Questions
Watch the “Statistics: Z-Score Table” segment of the “Probability Distributions for Continuous Random Variables” video.
1. What does a Z score tell you?
2. What does it mean if the Z score has a negative sign?
Watch Segment 2, “Statistics: Probability and Prediction,” of the “Inferential statistics” video, located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.
3. When do you need to set a very low (smaller) level of chance in research?
Watch the “Hypotheses: Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, Two-Tailed Hypothesis” segment of the “Introduction to Designing Experiments” video.
4. What is a random sample? Provide an example.
5. Explain the eight characteristics of a normal distribution.
6. Explain why converting raw scores to z scores is helpful in understanding data.
7. Explain the concept of a sampling distribution.
8. Identify three characteristics of the sampling distribution of the sample mean.
Note for the Discussion Boards
Use images and maps to add visual effects wherever possible –or.
Hyperlink sources and citations,do not list a bibliography. –.
For this week’s discussion board:
From eitherto the most common questions about Climate ScienceORwhere top scientists fact-check and peer review news stories, in 100 words discuss the most profound information you gleaned on them.
What is the most interesting thing you learned from either,, orthat you did not already know.
Visitand create one 3-panel comic which emphasizes any of the ideas covered in the material this week. Embed your comic in this discussion board.Channel your inner creativity and use humor in an informational way!The comic with the most likes receives 5 extra credit points.
*This week’s discussion board is worth 20 points, so make it count!

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