Principle instrument used to ensure survival

Posted: September 17th, 2022

Security Theory
What is security theory? Currently there are 5 differing,
but overlapping approaches:
1. National Security a perspective on security issues
that looks out from a nations capital. The primary
concern is the survival and well-being of the state. The
threat or use of military power is viewed as the principle
instrument used to ensure its survival.
2. International Security a perspective on security
issues which recognizes that the security of one state is
interconnected with that of others. It views the
collective use of military power as an important
instrument of policy.
3. Regional Security takes the same perspective of
international security, but focuses on other regions of
the world, such as Latin America, Africa, or Asia.
4. Transstate Security a new concept within security
studies which asserts that, in the post-Cold War world,
substate and transstate actors will constitute important
sources of instability. These actors include
ethnonational movements, religious extremists, criminal
organizations, terrorists, and insurgents.
5. Global Security as a conceptual category it seeks to
broaden the security agenda beyond the military and
politico-military matters to include human rights,
environmental protection, economic prosperity, and
social development. It often carries the normative
objective of replacing coercion, conflict, and war with
cooperation, bargaining, and peaceful change.

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