Planning And Threat Assessment Term Paper

Posted: October 1st, 2022

Considerthe following scenario:
Your client is a man in his 40s. He is confined to a wheelchair and requires attendance by a nurse 7 days a week due to respiratory and other medical conditions. He is a high-profile, outspoken, and controversial white supremacist; many people hate him. He has been scheduled to appear in court in his home city, Los Angeles, as a defendant to answer charges involving murder and violating civil rights. He is currently free on a $1 million bond; the local police are not providing any protection.
In recent months, the city has been terrorized by a series of related homicides of white supremacist followers and the brutal beating of the client’s assistant. The media have speculated that several victims have been linked to your client and the police suspect a rival white supremacist group is vying for political power in the movement. The police, however, have no direct evidence of that theory.
In attendance at the courthouse will be news organizations, fundamentalist religious groups, white supremacist groups, and civil rights groups, all picketing what promises to be an emotional trial. Security at the client’s estate has been increased because of threats on his life, but your client likes to speak his mind to everyone, especially the press. He plans to make a grand entrance and wants to meet with the press on the courthouse steps.
You are the head of a security detail of eight individuals for this day’s work. You must plan the expedition from your client’s home and back after the day in court, and security for the client’s estate on the beach. The client’s home is in Laguna Beach, about an hour’s drive by freeway to the courthouse.
Preparea 1,050- to 1,400-word planning and threat assessment paper dealing with the above scenario. The paper must address:
Concepts of threat and vulnerability assessment as they relate to personal and executive protection.
Personal protection concerns related to transportation.
Methods to consider when protecting large and small groups of people at work, social, or other events.
Workplace violence.
Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
Note for the Discussion Boards
Use images and maps to add visual effects wherever possible –or.
Hyperlink sources and citations,do not list a bibliography. –.
For this week’s discussion board:
From eitherto the most common questions about Climate ScienceORwhere top scientists fact-check and peer review news stories, in 100 words discuss the most profound information you gleaned on them.
What is the most interesting thing you learned from either,, orthat you did not already know.
Visitand create one 3-panel comic which emphasizes any of the ideas covered in the material this week. Embed your comic in this discussion board.Channel your inner creativity and use humor in an informational way!The comic with the most likes receives 5 extra credit points.
*This week’s discussion board is worth 20 points, so make it count!

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