Personal and emotional perspectives

Posted: September 17th, 2022

(1) Summarize the main points of the article in one paragraph. This includes the authors main argument. What is the author trying to say? Avoid using quotes in the main idea paragraph. Include the title of the article and the author’s last name in the first line of the paragraph.
(2) Look at the writing with a critical eye. What tone does the author take in his or her writing? Is this author arguing from a scientific, personal, or emotional perspective? This paragraph should examinehowthe author writes, notwhatthe author writes. You must include one or more quotes from the text as evidence for your argument about authors tone. In other words, show what you mean about how the author writes by including quotes.
(3) Make a connection to something other than the article. Have you heard about this subject before? If so, where and when? (For example, Do you know someone afflicted with this particular genetic disorder? Have you seen a television show dealing with this issue?) Please describe your connection. If you have no clear connection to the article, you may discuss your personal response to it in a general way. Please avoid writing “I have no connection to this article.” Develop one!
Each article response should be no less than one full page, double spaced, standard 10 12 pt. font with 0.8″ margins preferred but not required. Please include thetitleand authorof the article and number the articles 1-8. Copy and paste the entire assignment in the box provided. You must do all writing in your own words or it is considered plagiarism. If you do draw ideas or text from another source, you must provide a reference and/or quotation marks. Each response is worth up to 10 points for a total of 80 points for all responses.

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