peer response to my post below PEER: I enjoyed reading your post. I particular

Posted: July 26th, 2022

peer response to my post below
PEER: I enjoyed reading your post. I particularly like your statement about not having a practical deadline. This can be a major issue. One of the key factors to a successful project implementation is maintaining deadlines. Deadlines keep the group on task and working toward the goals. Deadlines that are not practical leads to frustration among the group and delayed project implementation. This can also create distrust between key stakeholders and the project manager within the organization.
my intial post below
How Issues That Occur During a Project are Frequently Related to the Scope
Project management involves many challenges related to budgeting, scope, communication, and time. Even though resources, management tools, and materials may be available, problems still occur during projects (Komal et al., 2020). Project scope is the work needed to meet all the project objectives, goals, deliverables, and deadlines. Most challenges that occur during a project are due to poor scope management. First, a lack of clear goals and objectives is a challenge that occurs during a project. Poorly defined project goals and objectives create management issues among the project team and stakeholders, which could fail a project. A lack of clear goals makes it hard to distinguish what should or should not be involved in a project (Pheng, 2018). For instance, undefined goals when collecting data from patients for quantitative blood loss measurement after a caesarian section may lead to inaccuracy in data collection.
Second, poor communication is among the issues which frequently occur during a project. Poor communication means that tasks are not allocated efficiently, there is no unity in the work environment, and stakeholders are kept out of the loop about project progress (Sanghera, 2019). All these reasons can be attributed to a poor scope statement. When the project scope statement is unclear, the work to be done may not be allocated efficiently. This results in poor communication, and conflicts may arise among team members. A challenge with the project scope may result in the exclusion of the project stakeholders from the project progress. In a clinical setup, poor communication may result in poor coordination among the team members (Pheng, 2018). As a result, there may be challenges with analyzing the data obtained for quantitative analysis of blood loss after a caesarian section.
Lastly, an impractical deadline is a severe problem that frequently occurs if the project manager does not clearly state the project scope. In the scope, the project manager should ensure that all the tasks are well detailed and their dependencies determined to calculate how long it will take to accomplish the entire project (Sanghera, 2019). If such essential aspects are ignored, deadlines will be missed, the quality of the project deliverables will be reduced, and stakeholders will be disappointed.
The Relationship between Poorly Defined Project Statement and Project Problems
A poorly defined project scope statement may result in poor budgeting and inadequate risk management since the scope is not correctly documented, defined, and controlled. Scope creep may occur when changes are made without reviewing the schedule, proper impact evaluation, and cost implications (Pheng, 2018). When budgeting, project managers should set aside extra costs in case of overruns. Providing stakeholders with a fixed amount of money is risky since they may not be willing to provide extra amounts whenever a need arises. Before conducting quantitative blood loss measurements on mothers after the caesarian section, it is necessary to ensure the budget is well defined to avoid challenges such as a shortage of resources and tools to conduct the procedure.
Strategies to Manage Scope Creep
It is crucial to engage clients during project planning to understand their requirements and expectations to avoid scope creep. Furthermore, it is necessary to plan the materials, resources, and budget accurately before implementing a project. Also, during project execution, it is necessary to avoid making changes to the initial plan since this would result in increased costs and missed deadlines. The project manager should implement a way to track any change from the initial plan (Komal et al., 2020). If it is a positive change, its implementation should be controlled to avoid scope creep.

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