Order World Civilizations Discussion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order World Civilizations Discussion
1) What were the two main alliances in WW I? Which countries were in each alliance?
2) What was the name of the ideology that was born during the Industrial Revolution as a response to the social and economic inequalities of capitalism and urbanization? Lead thinkers of this “movement” were Robert Owen, Charles Fourier, Friedrich Engels, and Karl Marx.
3) What was the principle of rulership advocated by kings like James I and Charles I of England, and Louis XIV of France?
4) What event resulted in the abdication of James II of England and the adoption of the Bill of Rights?
5) What was the last dynasty of China? When were its rulers overthrown?
6) What was the Meiji Restoration?
7) What was the purpose of the Congress of Vienna in 1815?
8) Name at least one cause and one result of the Russian Revolution(s).
9) Why did many of the residents of Europe’s colonies in East Asia and Africa think that they would gain independence after World War I?
10) What was the alignment of countries behind the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., and their antagonism against each other, after World War II called?
11) Why was the ex-British colony of India partitioned into the two countries of India and Pakistan (and later, Bangladesh)?
12) What was the Suez Crisis?
13) Who were Mao Zedong and Chiang Kaishek, and why were they important?
14) What was the goal of the Young Turks?
15) Who was Símon Bolívar?
Part Two (55 points) Choose ONLY one question and answer in a well-thought out, well-organized essay of at least five paragraphs (each should be at least 4-5 complete sentences) that answers the question with a strong thesis and concrete examples, especially ones that refer to issues in our primary source readings.
1) The Industrial Revolution happened at the same time as several major political revolutions. Should it be included in the “Age of Revolutions”? How and why or why not?
2) Compare and contrast the colonialism and imperialism of the late 19th Century with the colonialism and imperialism of the 16th and 17th Centuries. Explain the similarities and differences.
3) Based on readings from modern China and Japan, compare and contrast social expectations for men and women (there aren’t really any non-binary examples in Andrea). Compare them to at least one other society we have discussed, and try to account for the similarities and differences.

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