Order Williams Lecture Discussion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Williams Lecture Discussion
To begin our exploration of US History Since 1877, we need to establish some context. Therefore, please listen to the audio lecture in the Link below, and review the associated Lecture Slides in the PDF. This lecture is the last lecture in my HI 201 course, so it provides critical background and context for the opening sessions of our class, HI 202. It will also serve to introduce you to my lecture style and slide/content design, and it is our first Attendance Grade. We will follow this format throughout the semester:
Listen to my uploaded Audio Lecture link: ‘The Road to War Part 4: Sectional Crisis and the Civil War.’ (Links to an external site.)
Please access and review today’s Lecture Slides here: The Road To War (1).pdf Download The Road To War (1).pdf*This lecture begins on Slides

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