Order Teleological Argument Discussion

Order Teleological Argument Discussion
Order Teleological Argument Discussion
1. Which of the following is NOT an a posteriori argument for the existence
of God?
(A) The cosmological argument
(B) The teleological argument
(C) The argument from personal revelation
(D) The anthropic argument
(E) The ontological argument
2. “Whatever began to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist.
Therefore, the universe had a cause.” This argument is a version of what
is known as the argument for the existence of God.
(A) ontological
(B) cosmological
(C) teleological
(D) anthropic
(E) transcendental
88 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 Philosophy Questions
3. What philosopher is traditionally credited with having first propounded
the ontological argument for the existence of God?
(A) Plato
(B) Aristotle
(C) St. Anselm
(D) St. Aquinas
(E) Kant
4. According to “Pascal’s wager,” .
(A) God cannot create a rock so heavy that He cannot lift it
(B) in the face of uncertainty concerning God’s existence, believing
in God is a better “bet” than not believing
(C) the existence of evil in the world entails that God is either not
omnipotent or not omnibenevolent
(D) God either has reasons for approving of morally good actions or not:
if He does, then those reasons are what make those actions good,
and not God’s approval; if He does not, then God is a capricious
being, which contradicts the definition of God
(E) prayer has the power to affect the outcome of games of chance
5. Which of the following claims would not work as a premise in
a teleological argument for the existence of God?
(A) A watch must have a watchmaker.
(B) The human eye is a marvel of bioengineering.
(C) Nature has a purpose.
(D) Certain features of living organisms are irreducibly complex.
(E) Igneous rocks are formed from cooled magma.
6. Which of the following is NOT true of the ontological argument for
the existence of God?
(A) It has been criticized by Immanuel Kant for falsely supposing
that existence is a property.
(B) It relies not on empirical data (a posteriori evidence) but on reason
(a priori evidence) alone.
(C) It relies on the premise that we can conceive of a greatest possible
(D) David Hume believed that its premises are tautologically true.
(E) It has been famously revived in contemporary times by the
philosopher Alvin Plantinga.
Philosophy of Religion ❮ 89
7. Which of the following is a version of the moral argument for the existence
of God?
(A) It is immoral not to believe in God. One should not be immoral.
Therefore, one should believe in God.
(B) Without the existence of God, morality does not have an objective
basis. Morality has an objective basis. So God must exist.
(C) If God did not exist, we would not know right from wrong.
We do know right from wrong. It follows that God exists.
(D) If God did not exist, we would have no reason to expect punishments
and rewards to be handed out fairly. Since we do have reason to
believe that punishments and rewards will be distributed fairly,
there must be a God.
(E) If people believe that morality is created by God, then God must
have created morality. Since many people do in fact believe that
morality is created by God, God must have created morality.
Hence, God must exist.
8. According to some versions of the argument from reason, purely naturalistic
explanations of the universe .
(A) fail because they are self-defeating
(B) succeed because they are scientific
(C) fail because they do not explain supernatural events
(D) succeed because they have a rational basis
(E) fail because there is no reason to believe that the natural world
is not illusory
9. The Kalām argument is a version of the .
(A) cosmological argument
(B) ontological argument
(C) moral argument
(D) argument from reason
(E) argument from personal experience
90 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 Philosophy Questions
10. “The universe operates according to natural laws. If there are laws,
there must be a lawmaker. Therefore, God exists.” This is a version
of the for the existence of God.
(A) cosmological argument
(B) anthropic argument
(C) moral argument
(D) argument from reason
(E) teleological argument
11. “The laws of the universe are such that, if any of them were slightly
different, mankind could not have existed in the universe.” This claim
can be used as a supporting premise in which argument for the existence
of God?
(A) Cosmological argument
(B) Ontological argument
(C) Anthropic argument
(D) Argument from reason
(E) Argument from personal experience
12. The 13th-century theologian Thomas Aquinas wrote in his famous
Summa Theologica of the “five ways” in which the existence of God could
be demonstrated. Which of the following is NOT one of those arguments?
(A) The argument from contingency
(B) The argument from degree
(C) The argument from morality
(D) The argument from design
(E) The argument from motion
13. One version of the teleological argument for the existence of God is
William Paley’s argument from design. Which of the following artifacts
is mentioned in this argument?
(A) A blueprint
(B) A robot
(C) A watch
(D) A building
(E) A car
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