Order Researched Argument Discussion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Researched Argument Discussion
i have a 4 part assignment it English writing the first part is due in 28 hours and the second part is due in 3 days
and third parts is due in one week and the topic is “Inter nut must be “Is it possiable earn good money on youtube”
first part
Prepare an annotated bibliography designed to help you organize your research for your final research project. Successful bibliographies will contain AT LEAST ten academic source, six of which must come from a peer-reviewed academic journal or book. The remaining four sources are to be supporting sources used for examples and anecdotal evidence used in your analysis.
Each entry must include:
A full bibliographic entry based on your preferred citation style (MLA is the default)
A notation of the type of source this is, such as “Journal Article,” “Book,” or “Book Chapter”
Identification of the primary thesis of this source–what is its main purpose?
Three different citations that you might use in your analysis and essay
A brief statement of how this source will be useful to you in your research, analysis, and final project
This project will be assessed with two points assigned to each entry PLUS annotations and commentary.
Order Researched Argument Discussion
Second part
Prepare an analysis of how at least 7 of the sources you reviewed for your annotated bibliography relate to each other on your issue. You may choose to do this in either written or visual form (think about a diagram, for instance). The goal of this assignment is to get your thoughts organized and develop a clear picture of how your sources relate to each other across the areas you have chosen to evaluate as you prepare your Researched Argument Outline.
third part
For your capstone essay in Composition II, you will prepare an argument based on your Researched Argument issue proposal (though your issue is to have evolved through the research and drafting process) and write a 3500-word argument in essay form that presents a clear academic position, the background information necessary to understand the issue, the perspectives present in the current issue conversation, and your own personal position supported by your research. You must include at least 10 cited sources in this essay, at least 5 of which are from the databases obtained through the Avila library website.
All essays must be formatted and be fully documented in an accepted academic style (MLA)

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