Order Research Project Discussion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Research Project Discussion
No word limit – try to be concise.
Submission type
Students are to use the Proposal template provided.
Delete all blue explanatory text prior to submitting.
Do not PDF or Zip your file.
Individual or Group
This is an individual assessment.
Understand what is required
Utilise Moodle and your own research.
Gain an understanding of project proposals and social innovation in a project context. Demonstrate aligning scope to constraints and communicating in a professional and persuasive manner.
Leverage your strengths
Narrow your proposal to focus on a specific opportunity or problem that aligns with your strengths to drive project success.
What interests you?
The project solution can be in any domain e.g. construction, ICT, human services, business etc.
Be creative, be persuasive
Have fun and think outside the box. How will you convince the marker and your peers that this is a great idea?
Order Research Project Discussion
Develop a concise project proposal that reflects a social innovation mindset and the current terms social issue. The issue will be a complex or ‘wicked problem’. Narrow the focus of your proposal to a specific problem or opportunity within the context of the social issue. Use a domain of your choice e.g. ICT, construction, services etc. to frame the project solution. Your proposal should demonstrate your ability to conceptualise and communicate both professionally and persuasively, a project that your team (two to four students) can deliver within the project constraints.
Assessment Criteria and marking breakdown
Your project proposal must reflect the social issue described in the assessment specifications provided for the current term and will be assessed with reference to the following concepts:
Order Research Project Discussion
1. Project Description
1.1 Opportunity / Problem
1.2 Proposed Project
1.3 Strategic Alignment
2. Alternative
3. Stakeholders
4. Project Approach
5. Resources, Cost

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