Order Proposal For Comparative Essay

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Proposal For Comparative Essay
1) Your Name, Title of the Proposed Project.
2) Write an introductory statement: The purpose of the introductory statement is to catch the attention of the reader and to get them interested in the general subject matter. It sets the stage for your research questions or puzzle. It often can contain a dramatic statement to highlight the need for the study. It should be at least a good paragraph long.
3) State the problem or puzzle:
For example: The goal of this study is to . . . .explain why . . .
discover if there is a relationship between . . .
understand the causes (or effects) of . . .
4) State your research question or a main question and sub-question. For each question, you need to identify:
a) the dependent variable (the outcome which you want to explain).
b) the independent variables (the various factors that might explain the outcome).
5) State your (preliminary) argument(s). This is your assessment of what independent variable (or combination of independent variables) that you think will answer the research question(s). As you do your research, you can change your opinion, but remember you don’t have to be “right” to have interesting findings. In other words, don’t select evidence to fit your argument.
6) Describe the structure of the paper. How are you going to organize the paper so that you can answer your question(s)? What methods will you use to answer your research question? We will talk about the structured focused comparison approach in class and I think many of you will use this approach. Think of this as a draft outline.
7) Preliminary bibliography: This should include at least 5 promising items for use in your paper. I expect to see academic sources (for example, Journal articles, books, research center reports, IO documents, government docs etc). Wikipedia or other encyclopedia type sources are not accepted.
Turkey and its land rehabilitation measures, land degradation in affected areas and environmental policy compared to another country. ( You may choose the other country) This is a comparative politics essay. Make sure to use two countries in order to prepare a research proposal for a comparative essay.

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