Order Politics And Government Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Politics And Government Assignment
· Review the following resources:
· Course textbook and/or other assigned readings
· Review social determinants of health
· Meet with Mayor Hill to get some information about city politics
· Enter Sentinel City® (SC) and begin the bus tour.
· As you tour your selected community, note signs that indicate political activity and community involvement in government at the local level or the lack thereof. Compare your selected SC community to SC in general.
· What did you observe that has a negative influence on the health of this community, which can be addressed by additions or changes in local government policies?
· Using an evidence-based approach, develop two policy recommendations to present to the mayor.
· For questions, contact your instructor.
Learning Objectives
· Identify signs of political involvement in a community
· Identify conditions in a community that can have a negative influence on health
· Describe the health impact of negative characteristics of a community that can be improved by political advocacy
· Create policy recommendations that address a social determinant of health
· Use current literature and data to provide rationale for policy recommendations
Order Politics And Government Assignment
Subsystem: Politics

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