Order Interpersonal Communication Essay

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Interpersonal Communication Essay
· Focus on three thing you learned in the course that are significant to you. These could be topics we have discussed, written about, or addressed in class. Pick the three that struck a chord with you, the three that gave you the most to think about, the three that you thought about later, the three you discussed with friends or family. Please select ONLY three.
· One or more of these ideas may have been a lesson you learned by being in class or working with a study group for class, they do not have to be part of the “official curriculum”, just a lesson you learned because you were in COM 2206.
· What have you learned about yourself by taking COM 2206? Do you think about yourself differently? Did you experience a light bulb or ah-ha moment? Did your way of thinking change on a particular topic? You may also talk about how the reading of the textbook enhanced your writing or your real life application of an issue.
· Describe the lesson and then analyze for yourself how this topic, idea, or search for answers affects you now or how you look at it differently, or how you are trying to apply something new in your life. For example, if the reading regarding stereotypes really made you re-think how you speak to your co-worker, then tell how you treated him/her previously and how you are trying to behave differently now.
Consider the Requirements :
· Explain the lesson. Tell me clearly about what it is that you learned and how you learned it.
· Link it to class material. Help me understand how this lesson was related to an assignment, reading, activity or case study. You are not required to cite information from the text, but you must clearly ground the lesson in COM 2206.
· Analyze the significance of the lesson for you. Break down into specific elements why you found the lesson significant.
Don’t just tell me it was important, tell me why it was important to you.
· Make sure to read and analyze the rubric so that you know how your submission will be graded.
You will be graded on how well you communicate the subject, the three greatest lessons you learned. This means that I am grading your logic and explanation as well as analysis.

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