Order Domestic and Global expansion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Domestic and Global expansion
1. Briefly describe the problem or opportunity that you will be providing a technology solution.
Project will be on Amazon the largest most rapidly growing e-commerce vendor of our time. With such high rate of growth it is evident Amazon may not have proper tools in place to deal with supply and demand required by their customers. Therefore to avoid inventory issues as well as lack of employees to ensure punctual and accuracy in promised delivery times Amazon must strengthen their Supply Chain Management (SCM) system.
2. Explaining how this problem/opportunity affects the organization
It is evident that an organization like Amazon must have to constantly upgrade their operations to ensure all divisions of their organization are fulfilling customer’s demands. Although there are other systems such as Customer behavior systems and Enterprise risk management systems that are important. They are important because a CRM system accounts for tracking tenancies and customers’ needs while the ERP system allows for easier communication amongst important departments such as sales, inventory, accounting, and finance. Although they are crucial for daily ins and outs many would agree that it is even more important that the supply chain management system be upgraded with more occurrences. .
Order Domestic and Global expansion
Overview of technology solution category
1) Provide a brief overview of the technology solution category, and explain how it fits the needs of the organization.
Due to the need of inventory accuracy for ROI purposes, the Supply Chain Management system (SCM) should be immediately and constantly upgraded. Departments such as sales and finance are crucially affected by this system where gray areas would be highly visible for planning. The same importance would affect the finance sector where financial reports feed important reports for forecasting and stockholders. This technology solution category (SCM SYSTEM) is of high importance to a vendor such as Amazon as they are consistently beating sales records and constantly controlling more inventory than was previously considered. Having continual communication can only help to manage an error free shipping process maximizing profit.
2) NOTE: Please see the definition of technology solution category in the section titled Potential Technology Solution Categories. It is suggested that you use one of the technologies listed in that section. If you select another technology, please consult with your professor to make sure it meets the requirements of this project (i.e., PROJECT PART 3
Supply Chain Management System – SCM system

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