Order Database administrator Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Database administrator Assignment
Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch03_CapAssessment_IT Careers.pptx. Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename.
Insert a Title and Content layout slide after Slide 1. Type Jobs in IT in the Title Placeholder.
Insert a Trapezoid List SmartArt graphic in the content placeholder. Type the following in the Text pane as first level bullet points. Remove any unneeded bullet points in the Text pane.
Software applications developer
Information security analyst
Computer systems analyst
Database administrator
Computer network architect
Management analyst
Apply the Moderate Effect SmartArt style. Change the color to Colorful – Accent Colors.
On Slide 4, insert a two column, seven row table in the content placeholder.
Type the following information into the table:
Row 1: Col 1: Profession; Col 2: Salary Per Year
Row 2: Col 1 Software applications developer; Col 2: $103,560
Row 3: Col 1: Information security analyst; Col 2: $95,510
Row 4: Col 1: Computer systems analyst; Col 2: $88,270
Row 5: Col 1: Database administrator; Col 2: $87,020
Row 6: Col 1: Computer network architect; Col 2: $104,650
Row 7: Col 1: Management analyst; Col 2: $82,450
Apply the Light Style 2 – Accent 4 table style.
Order Database administrator Assignment
Add a new column to the left of column 1. Merge the cells in the new column. Set the cell width of the merged cell to 0.79″. Type 2016 in the new column and rotate all text 270°. Center the text in the cell. Increase the font size of the text to 28 pt. Change the cell shading to White, Text 1.
Set the text in the table to Center Vertically. Set the table height to 4.2″ and the width to 10.7″.
Change the layout of Slide 3 to Title Only.
Start Excel. Download and open the file named ITData.xlsx and save it as ITData_LastFirst.xlsx. Copy the chart from the Job Growth Percentage worksheet and embed the chart using Paste Special on Slide 3.
Size the chart to a height of 4.5″. Position the chart horizontally at 1″ and vertically at 1.85″.
On Slide 5, create a Clustered Column chart with the following data:
In cell A1, type Profession and in cell B1 type

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