Order coaching techniques discussion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order coaching techniques discussion
1) Are issues coachable? Will they need another profession for support?
2) Where might they have some strengths to help them with their issues?
3) What are some coaching techniques you can used as listed in your book to bring out the inner strength they may have each case study?
Order coaching techniques discussion
Anna Marie is a recently retired cashier from Walmart. She has many grandchildren to keep her happy, but at times feels like her children dump the kids and then leave her to care for them too often. When she has tried to set limits, she feels guilty. Her husband passed away about 7 months ago and her children worry that she will be too lonely if they are not helping her fill her time. She has many friends, and they are often encouraging her to set limits. Her husband uses to be the limit setter and “bad guy” in the relationship and communication with friends and family. Her new role is challenging, and she finds this to be very uncomfortable. Please help her progress.
Order coaching techniques discussion
Tommy is a high school freshman who comes to you for help with dating and relationships. He is very bright but has trouble with social interactions and conversation timing (interrupting, finishing sentences, not making eye contact, or staying focused in his interactions). While his grades are good, his feels lonely and rejected by his peers. The school recently targeted him as the sender of an inappropriate email that threatened other students. The school went on lockdown and his parents sent him to a counselor. He feels embarrassed, misunderstood, and angry. When he comes to see you, he wants to start feeling better about his body and his eating. Please help.
Gemma is a 26-year-old recent hire for an accounting firm. She is working hard to be liked by her peers, but often leads by pointing out her faults. While being hyper critical of herself, her follower workers begin distancing themselves from her as they seem to fear this criticality could move toward them. Gemma reports feeling stressed often to meet deadlines, being liked in the office, worrying about her lack of a dating life. She lives in New Orleans and needs to find places to meet people like her. She comes to you so she can feel better.

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