Order Bank Mergers Discussion

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Bank Mergers Discussion
The purpose of this assignment is to examine the issues associated with a bank merger on various stakeholders. The impact can be substantial for employees of the acquiring and acquired companies, shareholders, customers, and communities served by the banks. Some of the impacts can be very positive. However, there is a potential for negative consequences on some stakeholders.
To complete this assignment, you must:
· View the official Press Release and Merger Presentation from HOMB provided in the Discussion folder.
· Read the News Articles about the merger: http://www.kait8.com/story/22682643/home-bancshares-buys-liberty-bank and http://www.areawidenews.com/story/1983171.html
· Watch the News Video of the merger : http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/19297/4117276?title=temp_jobs
· Watch the Video Presentation of the announcement news conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE0qJxY_nFc
· Watch the Fox Talk Business Video with Johnny Allison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5nV_F_NnS4
· Read the Discussion Blog on the merger: http://www.topix.com/forum/city/jonesboro-ar/T8ILR0B0VKABJ097U
· You may find other sources of information and include that content in your discussion post(s).
· Enter the Discussion ‘Bank Merger’ and post your discussion information based on the following:
· Your First Post – should identify the impact of the merger on various stakeholders (stockholders, regulators, employees, management, customers, communities served, and vendors). Describe what stakeholders should consider when a merger is proposed; i.e. changes in lending policies, potential impacts to personnel, efficiencies gained for the banks, impact on profitability, changes in community relationships, etc. Describe how you feel about the merger generally.
· Your Subsequent Posts – should respond to other posts from the class (IMPORTANT NOTE: Please put the name of the student you are responding to at the beginning of your post so that I can tell who you are responding to) .
Keep in mind that at least 3 Quality Posts are required for this assignment. A Quality Post demonstrates that you have read the articles, watched the videos, formulated an opinion, presented your opinion in a professional manner, and responded to others professionally regarding their posts.

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