Order Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Posted: September 16th, 2022

Order Annotated Bibliography Assignment
AMST 114 Fall 2020 Annotated Bibliography Due: Friday, November 20, 5:00PM on Canvas Overview An annotated bibliography is a list of sources used for researching a topic, together with a summary and evaluation of those sources. In this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography for a research topic of your own choosing that is related to a theme that we have explored in AMST. You will locate your sources by using the Gutman Library search tools and databases. This assignment will also be the subject of your first Reflective Essay assignment, which is due on the same date. Directions Utilizing one (1) or more assigned readings from the course syllabus and three (3) outside sources from peer-reviewed academic journals or book chapters that you have located yourself, prepare an Annotated Bibliography devoted to a topic of your choosing that is related to a theme we have explored in AMST. The topic cannot be one you have used or plan to use for another class. Each annotation should summarize the source, explain its relevance to your research topic, and explain how you would use it in a research paper. The annotated bibliography should be accompanied by a one-paragraph introduction to the topic and sources. Requirements
1.) Your chosen outside (non-syllabus) sources must be either:
a.) research articles from peer-reviewed academic or scientific journals. It is your responsibility to verify that the journal is peer-reviewed.
OR b.) chapters in a book published by a university press. An equivalent scholarly press, such as Routledge, Wiley-Blackwell, or Lexington Books, can also be used.
2.) Each annotation should be 150-200 words written in paragraph form. For the sources from the course syllabus, the summary/argument aspect of the annotation can be derived from your Reading Response. 3.) Each bibliographic entry should be formatted according to either MLA, APA, or Chicago Style. Pick one style to use throughout the assignment. Style guides for each are provided in the module in Canvas.
4.) The introduction, which should be 150-200 words, should explain the topic that you are exploring, why you feel it is important, and how the sources that you have found will help you explore it. 5.) The finished assignment, consisting of the annotated bibliography with an introduction, should be formatted as a single document and uploaded to Canvas.

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