One copy of topographic and political map

Posted: October 1st, 2022

700-1200 words
Obtain one copy of topographic and/or political map of your city or region. It will be great if you can find a digital topographic/political map for your region. If not, a screen capture from Google Maps or Google Earth with relevant boundary, terrain, and transportation information will be sufficient. Suppose a new wind energy project is being proposed to meet a growing demand for electricity:
A. Identify a project location on the map sheet. You can identify its location on the map digitally or manually. Please scan or take a picture of the map, transfer the picture to your computer and insert it to your Word document if you mark the location of the project (and sketch the boundary for step E) on a hard-copy map.
B. Which VCs (or VECs) would you identify in the region as important to consider? Provide a statement as to why these components are identified as VCs/VECs). In other words, what makes them so important that you would include them in the assessment?
C. Given current VC/VEC conditions, what management objectives would you attach to each VC/VEC? For example, you may mention maintain healthy species population, maintain habitat integrity, and make sure stakeholders are involved in the co-management of the implementation, if a species at risk is identified as a VC/VEC. and caribou numbers; maintain habitat integrity; and ensure that users and stakeholders have a central role in implementation
D. Identify a list of indicators that you might use to assess and monitor the conditions of each VC/VEC include both stressor and condition-based indicators. E. What spatial boundary would you establish for the assessment? Sketch these boundaries on the map. Identify the criteria you used to determine these boundaries. F. What temporal boundaries might you consider? Explain your reasoning. Please find relevant wind energy project documents (environmental impact

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