Nutriton Discussion Board

Posted: September 17th, 2022

For Biology Nutrition… Needs to be lengthy but more like a big paragraph for each question!
1. What are some unique challenges we face in the realm of nutritional health for children? Address specific challenges we face today. (development of poor eating habits, processed foods, etc..)
2. What are some unique challenges we face in the realm of nutritional health for pregnant/lactating women? How do we encourage good nutritional behavior by pregnant/lactating women without violating individual liberties?
3. How can global issues hinder the nutritional needs of some populations? Give examples. How do we combat these issues?
4. As we approach the end of this class you will start to see some data on the disturbing trends in the United States on the obesity epidemic and its effects on our health as a society. The past several years of the healthcare debate have created much controversy.Many people look at healthcare as something that should be paid for by tax dollars, as we all benefit from a healthy society, just as we all benefit from roads and bridges.
5.Many people also feel personal health is one’spersonal responsibility as the bulk of healthcare costs are due to personal choices and are to bebore by the individual, just as if they had chose to drink or do drugs.
6.How do we grapple with the healthcare issue? What do you think? Support your sentiments with logic and facts and not emotion. Saying that you think its a good thing for everyone to have healthcare isn’t disputed. I think most people would say that’s a good thing! However, who would pay for that? And why? Where do the roles of individuals and taxpayers meet?

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