NU500-8B-UNIT7-Theory Application Paper

Posted: October 1st, 2022

The purpose of theTheory Application Paperis to help you apply your selected nursing theory to your specific area of practice.
Select a Nursing Theory-Select one specific nursing theorist and nursingmiddle-range theorythat best fits your area of practice. Ex. Penders Health Promotion Model,Kolcaba’sComfort Theory, Becks Postpartum Depression Theory, etc)
APA Student Title Page– (No Abstract Needed)
Include the following information on the Student title page in 7th ed. APA format:
Assignment name in Bold Font: (Ex. Theory Application Paper: Swansons Theory of Caring in Obstetrics)
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Your Name
Name of University
Course Number and Name
Instructors Name
Date of Submission (Month, Day, Year)
Introductory paragraph– Capture the readers attention (ex. Grabbing statistics) and introduce therationale for selectingthe specific nursing theory for your area of nursing over other nursing theories (Do not write in first person;Include a purpose statementof what you will describe in the paper as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.) Next, begin the Body of Paper.
Theory Description(Level 1 Header)Brieflydescribe the theory.Give overview of theory purpose, scope, concepts, structure, and unique focus.
Rationale(Level 1 Header) Discuss therationalefor selecting the theory for implementationin your specific practice setting.(Do not use first person)
Implementation Plan(Level 1 Header)Describe aplan to implementthe theory in your area of practice for your entire department or organization.
Barriers to Implementation(Level 1 or 2 Header, your choice) Discuss potentialbarriersor challengesto the implementation planandhow to overcomethese barriers and challenges.
Conclusion(Level 1 Header) Conclusion paragraph with concluding statements to summarize the content and re-state or re-phrase the original purpose statement.
APA Reference Page-Please be sure to support your paper within-text citations.Please use 5peer-reviewed resources.
Additional Instructions:Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style. Paper should be a minimum of 4-5 pages in length, excluding the title and references pages. (You may increase the number of pages of the body of the paper up to 7-8 pages if needed). This is a scholarly paper andshould not be written in first person. Paragraphs should have a minimum of 3 sentences. Paraphrasing should be done using in-text citations. Direct quotes should be rare and used only when the content can be said in no other way. If using direct quotes, you must include page or paragraph number.

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