narrative person experience speech

Posted: January 20th, 2023

COMM 101
Narrative – Personal Experience Speech
3 to 4 minutes. Under-time (less than 3 minutes) presentations will be considered incomplete and graded accordingly. Overtime presentations will be penalized 5 points. Practice your speech to make sure you are within the allotted time frame.
Must focus on one real event, happenings, or themes. Be a storyteller. You want to focus on ​an experience where you learned a valuable lesson.
To Inform
● Stories usually have a beginning, middle, and ending.
● Support your storytelling with word pictures (imagery) and
emotional comments.
● Use both serious and humorous details.
● Dialogue usually brings a story to life.
Adapt the story to your audience.
● Explain background information where necessary.
● Consider the mood or impression you want the audience to get.
Extemporaneous (well prepared, spontaneous, using 1-2 (4 x 6) note cards – writing on one side only. Use vocal variety, gestures, sound effects, movements and facial expressions to bring out the mood and rhythm of the story. Enjoy sharing this experience and its positive effects
on your audience.
Chronological (time sequence/arrangement). Organize around one event,
happenings, or themes.
Your first words in your presentation should refer to the exact time that this experience took place. (“At 9:00 am on May 28, 2014, I began a short trip that changed my life.”)
The last line (closing statement) in your presentation should state the lesson or moral learned (“The events of May 28, 2014 taught me…. Or the main thing I learned from this experience is….”)
Remember the following
● This assignment is worth 50 points – Don’t freak out!!!
● You might want to enhance our perceptions of you by dressing
nicely (business casual) on the day you speak.
● Brief outline APA format must be submitted at the beginning of
the class period on the day of these presentations. No paper
work, No speech and you may have to withdraw from the course.
● We will NOT record this presentation.
Finally, ALL of your peers will be presenting similar speeches. How will you make yours impressive to them? It is important for members of the class to get to know each other better, how can you use this presentation to facilitate this process?
Minimum Requirements
● Minimum 3 minute presentation.
● Extemporaneous delivery style – see explanation of this on front page.

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