Movie Observation Handout Assignment

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Movie Observation Handout Assignment
Information about observation (10 pts)
Title of Movie:
Name of child observed: (Remember, the child must be age 12 or under)
Brief description of the child’s role in the movie:
Physical Development
Age of child: Remember the child must be age 12 or under! (6 pts)
Describe the child’s physical appearance. For example, hair/eye color, height/weight, etc. (6 pts)
Describe the child’s nutritional behavior. What types of meals does the child eat and how often? (6 pts)
Describe the child’s physical activity. Does the child lead a sedentary/active lifestyle? Does the child struggle while performing any physical tasks? (6 pts)
Does the child have any medical conditions? Provide evidence. (6 pts)
Cognitive Development
According to Piaget, what stage is the child in? (6 pts)
Supporting evidence: (12 pts)
According to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, list the child’s top 2 intelligences. What evidence do you have for this opinion?

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