Moral Dilemmas And Participative Leadership

Posted: October 10th, 2021

Moral Dilemmas And Participative Leadership

1) Moral Dilemmas”

Moral Dilemmas”, please answer the following questions:

· Which moral dilemma did you choose and why?

· What was your answer to the moral dilemma?

· What was your rationale for your response?

· Which level and stage of moral reasoning is reflected in your response?

· Which definition of “the good” most applies to your response? For example, did you consider things from a utilitarian perspective?

· Has anything you’ve learned about ethics, values or morality caused you to re-think your response? If so, how has your response changed?

2) “Participative Leadership”

Building a participative leadership culture

You’re a manger leading a medium-sized team of about 20 people.

Last week, your director held a meeting with all the managers in the organization. She just attended a big participative leadership conference, and she’s convinced that the organization needs to create a more participative leadership environment.

She’s given all the managers a week to research some participative leadership practices and report back to her.

Submit a post outlining three participative leadership ideas that you would suggest to your director.
3) “Award Winners”

There’s no better way to learn than from the best.

Take some time to review the list of Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award winners on the National Institute of Standards and Technology website:

Choose the organization that you’re most interested in and read their profile.


· A brief description of the organization you chose

· Three of their quality-related accomplishments that you find the most interesting
“Workplace Violence and Harassment Statistics”
Find some statistics

You’ve seen the workplace violence and harassment numbers in the United States and Canada.

Sometime this week, research some statistics on workplace violence and harassment in your home country. If you live in the United States or Canada, find some additional statistics to add to what we’ve covered here.

Share your findings here!
Team Building TED Talks”

Watch a TED talk on team building

Once again, we can turn to TED speakers for some interesting thoughts and ideas.

Take some time now to choose and watch a TED talk on team building.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Visit the Session Lab website, where they’ve provided a handy list of brilliant TED talks on team building:

2. Choose the TED talk that strikes you as the most interesting.

3. Sit back and enjoy the video!

4. Submit a brief post here, where you explain:

a. What video you chose and why

b. 1–2 interesting things you learned about team building

c. Anything that was surprising or challenged your existing ideas about how to build effective teams

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