Microbiology Microb Concept Map

Posted: September 17th, 2022

You are responsible for creating a concept map that shows the relationships between nutrition, replication and mutations in a particular microbe and the disease it causes. You will evaluate one other students concept map for accuracy and quality. See theon how to design a concept map in bubbl.us and thefor inspiration. You can use bubbl.us as a tool via the free trial option or you can use another, compatible, program such as PowerPoint to create your concept map. Write a script that presents and goes over and explains the concept map
Your infographic must include:
1. At least five sources cited in APA format (turn in on a separate Word Document).
2. At least three images.
3. Accurate data, statistics, and details about the microbe and disease.
4. A scientific explanation of how nutrition contributes to replication and mutation.
5. A scientific explanation for replication and mutation in the particular microbe.
6. At least one relevant statistic.

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