Media Theory Application Communications and Media

Posted: May 7th, 2022

Media Theory Application Communications and Media
Objective: You are to make a thesis-driven argument in 800 – 1,000 words.
Argue for a theory that emerged during the limited effects paradigm that you think could still be useful for
critical media scholars in understand a contemporary media issue. Explain how and why it is useful for
this particular media and why we should be interested, as critical theorists.
What should you know to complete this essay?
1. Theories and research methods of the limited effects paradigm
2. Attitudes and limitations of the limited effects paradigm
3. One theory in particular as you choose one to use.
4. Critical understanding (critical theory)
5. Contemporary media issue, practice, text
EVALUATION CONCERNS: As you set out to answer these questions you should know that you are given a great deal of
freedom of choice here and there is no one “right” answer. This paper is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding
of critical theory applied to a media practice. The evaluation of the paper pertains to the argument you make, how you
understand the major properties of the theory, and how you support the argument. Do not assume you will simply revise the
paper after you submit it for a higher grade and therefore do minimal work on the original submission; papers must meet a
standard of about 80% to be revised.
STRUCTURE OF THE PAPER: Write an introductory paragraph that previews your paper; it provides your thesis. If you
do not know how to construct a thesis or contain a thesis in an opening paragraph, see the tutors at the writing center
and/or your professor. Make sure that all main ideas are separate paragraphs and that each idea is supported with
explanation and/or examples. Remember that although the introduction comes first in your paper, you should compose it
last in the writing process.
When you refer directly to readings, news pieces, or podcasts, you need to do an in-text citation and include in the works
cited list. References to the works we’ve read or tutorials should not be treated as an “afterthought” but should be part of
your overall argument. Quote extremely rarely and deliberately to demonstrate your understanding of the theorist’s or
theoretical points. I see quoting more pertinent with the media issue than the theory itself. However, do not think a quote
will suffice for a thorough support of your claim.
So far, we are concentrating on tight, active wording and formal, professional punctuation for complex sentence structure.
GUIDELINES FOR WRITING (highlighted material is emphasized in the rubric)
 The argument features an original and significant thesis.
 The thesis makes an arguable claim.
 Claims are supported with evidence, explanation, reference to others’ ideas, and/or description.
 The supporting detail is clearly and thoroughly explained.
 The argument shows understanding of the theoretical components and paradigms
 Paper sticks to thesis and develops it.
 Paragraphs develop topic sentences fully.
 Topic sentences in paragraphs make claims.
 Topic sentences relate back to paper’s thesis.
 Paragraphs explain their claims clearly.
 Transitions between paragraphs are clear.
 Transitions between sentences are clear.
 Paper’s argument is logical and clear.
 Paper’s structure is sound: words, sentences, ideas, paragraphs are presented
in the most effective .
 Sentences are clear.
 Word choice is accurate and active.
 Sentence structure is effective.
 Sentences are free of awkwardness.
 Unnecessary words have been eliminated.
 Paper reads easily out loud.
 Paper does not use repetition except for clarity or effect.
 Paper employs parallelism well at all levels (words, sentences, paragraphs).
 Paper follows directions of assignment.
 Paper adheres to basic conventions of format (as stipulated).
 Grammar is correct.
 Punctuation is clear.
 Spelling is accurate.
 Paper has been thoroughly proofread.

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