Leadership As Service Discussion Question

Posted: October 10th, 2021

Leadership As Service Discussion Question

sUMMER 2020

trinity western university

UNit #5 In-Class reflection – Hands of a great leader
To be handed IN the dropbox by THURSday, JUNE 25, 2020
After you review this week’s assigned readings, complete this reflection as fully as you can with thoughtful responses.
Part 1: Jesus and leadership
In your own words describe how Jesus used his hands to demonstrate servant leadership to others and what can we learn about leadership from his example. (100 words).
Part 2: The Leader as Performance Coach
Explain in your own words what the three core coaching skills are and how are they different from other leadership skills? (75 words)
How can questions help us help others in achieving their goals or working through challenges? Explain your thinking. (75 words)
3. Watch the coaching demonstration in the ppt. and respond to the following questions.
“What did I observe about this coaching demonstration that connects to how a leader can coach an employee or colleague? (75 words)
Describe the body language of the coach and the coachee. How does their body language impact their coaching? (100 words)
Of the powerful questions listed in ppt, choose 4 key questions that you liked and explain why they are powerful questions to you. (100 words).
Part 3: The Stages of Learning
In the ppt. we discussed the stages of learning, what the needs of people are at each stage and how a leader can respond and act in to best coach their followers at each stage. Read Wilkes, Principle # 6 and Blanchard, Hodges and Hendry The Hands of a Great Leader (Chapters 21,22,23) and answer the following prompt:
Share an example of where you are at in each of the 4 stages. For example, where are you as a novice, journeyman, apprentice and master? And how might you use these four stages as a leader in your own life right now? (125 words).

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