Last Fish Our Exhausted Seas Video Discussion

Posted: January 20th, 2023

Watch carefully the documentary, entitled “The Last Fish – Our Exhausted Seas” [42’06”]
and answer the following questions clearly, in coherent sentences.
(1) What is the main crisis facing the oceans today?
(2) Why do the European scientists consider tuna fish as an endangered species now?
(3) What is the yearly fish consumption globally, and how does that compare with the yearly pork meat consumption in the world?
(4) Dr Boris Worm at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) states that fish catches have increased 5-fold since 1950’s, and that nearly 15% of fish stocks in the oceans are now on the verge of collapse. Why is this alarming?
(5) The Atlantic cod fish stocks near the western coast of Canada collapsed in mid-1990s due to overfishing. This was followed shortly after by a significant explosion of sea urchin population along these coasts. How were these two developments related, and what do they tell you about the delicate ecosystem balance in coastal oceans?
(6) According to this documentary, how are the European Union (EU) countries trying to control overfishing practices in the North Sea?
(7) What is the main problem with “bycatch” practices in fishing, as you have observed in this documentary?
(8) Why is it important for scientists to be involved in decision-making processes on the development of sustainable fishing management policies and on the assessment of current fish stocks?
(9) Why do scientists conflict with politicians about establishing fishing quotas and sustainable fishing practices?
(10) What is the main problem with marine aquaculture practices today? How does marine aquaculture affect the food chain in the oceans?
(11) What is the advantage of having fresh-water aquaculture in comparison to marine aquaculture?
(12) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of organic aquaculture farming?
(13) What is a sensible fishing quota policy?
(14) What measures can / should be taken in order to implement sustainable fishing practices globally?
(15) What is “fishing pressure”? Define it.
(16) How can we reduce the current high fishing pressure?
(17) The scientists in this documentary believe that oceans are seriously endangered, but they also think that “oceans can recover in the future to yield enough fish stocks for everybody, ecosystems can flourish again, and the wealth of oceans grow again.” What needs to be done to accomplish these goals?
(18) What can you do personally to help the oceans to recover?

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